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Business Development

Featured Consultant

Sharon Bakalash MD, PhD, CBA

For Investors and Corporations

The explosion of advances in medicine and its interface with fast paced technology breakthroughs reinstates, now more than ever, the growing need of pharmaceutical companies to enrich their portfolio.  In this environment, leading the race relies mostly on in-licensing and acquisition of latest innovations.


We offer

  • Deep understanding of R&D paths, technical, commercial, and regulatory drivers, enables us to provide a comprehensive review of both pharma and device technologies

  • Constant tracking of new directions in biomedical research in Ophthalmology

  • Extensive experience in working with investors, entrepreneurs and big corporations

  • Working with both private and public companies on acquisitions, licensing and strategic partnerships


Our Services include

  • Support boards, CEOs and corporate development teams of mid and small cap biopharma and MedTech in M&A; licensing

  • Support private equity and venture capital portfolio companies that are looking for innovations

  • Comprehensive diligence of individual assets  

  • Landscape review-identify and evaluate the right assets for the customer needs. enable a well-informed decision-making process for both investors and healthcare companies  

  • We offer search, evaluation and negotiation skills to mid and small cap biopharma and MedTech


For small and medium size companies

  • We assist in raising funds for both early and more mature funding rounds, working with institutional investors, asset managers, wealth funds and angel investors

  • We provide back to back support, negotiate through different transaction frameworks spanning from licensing, co-development, M&A for assets in all stages of development. All geared at capturing the best assets, partners and capital resource

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